Smart Kid Chalengr and Training Kit
Smart Kid Chalengr
This Android App let you, the "Chalengr", challenge a "Smart Kid" with a simple number game in a 'fair' way.  Through the built-in advanced intellegence enhancer, a smart kid can play the game as easy as you do.  The only requirement for a smart kid is knowing the tic-tac-toe game.  So that the kid can kill the spare time when you are counting your fingers for your next choice.  It will be difficult to win a smart kid.  You have to think harder and be patient for the kid's wrong move.  If you are hesitate or not ready, try the free Android App "Smart Kid Challenger Training Kit" first.  It will train your brain for the game and test the App in your device.
Smart Kid Challenger Training Kit
This training kit prepare and train a challenger to face a smart kid in the "Smart Kid Chalengr" App.  The Chalengr plays the same game and has the same full function in both Apps.  The game between the Chalengr and the Kid players is fair as the Kid player has no intellegence enchancer.  The kit can also ensure the usability of "Smart Kid Chalengr" App in the same device before it is download in Android Market.